Building Blocks of Back Training

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Proper back training is the key to building the back muscles, which can be a bodybuilder’s best assets to completing a full, symmetrical physique. Building a developed back requires attention to many aspects of weight lifting such as educating yourself on proper form and technique to maximize muscle growth and prevent possible injury.

Back Training to Build a Flawless Physique

Lat Pull down stretch

Stretch to open the back up to create the V-taper

For a wide, V-tapered back, it is essential to concentrate on achieving full range of motion. Focusing on full range will stretch the latissimus dorsi muscles, aka lats, allowing for the expansion of the muscles for complete development. Keeping the same theory, to enhance the width in the back, incorporate wide grip e
xercises when training. Such as wide grip pull-ups, wide grip lat cable pull down, and wide grip barbell bent over row.

With a wide back, density is needed as a compliment. The key for creating thickness in the back is to GO HEAVY. Of course while maintaining form, pick a heavier weight within the 5-10 rep range. This should be a weight that will include explosive strength. Explosive exercises require experience when performed with heavy weight. If unfamiliar with proper form, research or seek guidance for instruction on certain movements. Some explosive back exercises include deadlifts, dumbbell row, and bent over T-bar or V-bar row.

Back training

Proper form for deadlift to build density


Keep in mind there are many variations to these exercises, do your research or consult a trainer to learn more.

Last but not least, focus your attention on detail. This can be tricky, since the back muscles cannot be seen so a strong mind-body connection is helpful.  Select a weight for complete isolation in full range of motion. Allowing for a full stretch and a tight squeeze will engage every muscle targeted for the exercise. Also, playing with different sections in the back, will tie in the muscles seamlessly for perfect symmetry!

Of course this is only the training aspect of building a back. Muscle growth and recovery comes from food/supplement intake. If unsure about diet, it is wise to consult with a professional to create a program made for you to optimize muscle growth. These methods are to promote safe n smart, iron-pumping athletes! Practice, perform, and perfect!

Mike is a personal trainer and coach at Physiques Gym and a contributing editor to the PG Blog.

Mike is a personal trainer and coach at Physiques Gym and a contributing editor to the PG Blog.

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