Getting Started

The first step is to contact us to schedule an assessment.

A Physiques Gym assessment is the initial appointment in which we learn about your personal health goals; short term, long term, and immediate.

We will identify your level of muscular and cardio vascular endurance and any underlying factors that may deter your success. This also allows you to experience a training session before you invest because the assessment is also a training session!

Group Weight Training (GWT)

Is strength training with the utilization of free weight (dumbbells, barbells) and weight machines. These tools are utilized in a group setting under the guidance of a Physiques Gym strength coach not a personal trainer. The Physiques gym strength coach teaches the utilization of concentric and eccentric muscle contraction in an effort to increase overall skeletal muscularity and functional strength.

  • Unlimited sessions starting at just $399 per month
    • month to month plans
    • no enrollment or sign up charges
    • no contracts
    • open gym membership is included
    • discounts are available see PROMOTIONS for more information

Personal Training

At Physiques Gym our personal training sessions are designed to maximize results in a motivating, fun, personal setting in the least amount of time. A Physiques Gym coaches focus is stream lined to the individuals needs while working one on one with each client.

Sessions are $150 each

Open Gym Membership

A Physiques Gym open membership in more than just your run of the mill gym membership. At Physiques Gym there is always a knowledgeable, friendly coach on staff to answer questions and provide assistance.

Monthly memberships start at $50 per month, however with the purchase of a training package rates are reduced to $30 per month.

Service Discounts

Physiques Gym salutes those who serve our community. Active duty Firefighters, Police officers, Military Personnel and Veterans, and teachers will receive a 20% discount on all packages.


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