Loose Weight and Keep It Off

Loose Weight and Keep It Off There is no secret on how to loose weight and keep it off. Sustainable weight loss is achieved over time by making changes to your lifestyle. These changes are made through small choices every day. Your body is a reflection of your lifestyle. Including

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Sky Kinsman training to build bigger legs

How to Build Bigger Legs

Bodybuilding to build Bigger Legs There is more to bodybuilding than building muscle. To create the ideal physique, you should be symmetrical, top to bottom, front to back, left to right.  To build legs that are bigger and have more depth, you must focus on complete development. In this video, celebrity

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Craig Tinnelle stretching client

Dynamic Assisted Stretching

That’s a bit of a stretch! When’s the last time you experienced a truly good stretch? And no, we are not talking about reaching for the sky when you crawl out of bed in the morning. Whether you engage in regular physical activity or not, stretching is critical to mobility

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Sugar Alternatives

Its no secret I am a sugar addict and as hard I try to keep my cravings in check, I tend to fall of the ‘sugar wagon’ from time to time. So, I am always looking for sugar alternatives to help me stay healthy and on track with my goals.

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Think Before You Drink

Maintainable Weight Loss – Think Before You Drink Watching what you eat is a critical part of living a healthy lifestyle, but are you also watching what you drink? What you drink other than water and how much of it is just as important and does count towards your daily

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Build Bigger Calves

How To Build Bigger Calves Bodybuilding is the art of building your body, top to bottom and front to back. The calves are no exception. To properly develop your calves and build bigger calves, they must be developed front to back. Tibialis anterior  is the muscle that runs along the shin.

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