Who We Are

Physiques Gym is Arizona’s top-rated private gym offering both individual and group personal training sessions designed for EVERYONE. Physiques Gym has developed an exclusive and intense brand of athletic fitness training designed to push and motivate every client to achieve their health and fitness goals. While everyone’s journey is unique, every client that steps through the Physiques Gym’s doors shares a common goal: to become a better version of themselves; fit, healthy, and happy with their bodies!

What We Offer

Why Us?


Physiques Gym is a private personal training gym in Phoenix that is open to the public. Offering gym memberships, personal training, group personal training and group fitness, targeted functional fitness training as well as nutrition guidance and meal plans.

Physiques Gym is a fitness institution that has formatted a unique style of training. This type of personal training does not currently exist within the corporate fitness arena making us extremely unique and highly successful.

We invite all levels of athletes to join, from an introductory level with a basic fitness knowledge all the way to the extremist and true athlete who desires to take their knowledge and training to the next level.

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