Online Training

Lifestyle Transformation Coaching​

Our lifestyle transformation coaching is a goal oriented program to ensure you reach your goal in the shortest time possible while teaching you how to maintain your new lifestyle. Our  professional team of coaches will guide you through your lifestyle transformation, and is suitable for all goals.

  • Weight Loss
  • Event Preparation
  • Muscle Building
  • Improving overall health

Our coaches are experienced professionals and work together as a team to guide you effectively to your goals, with step by step plans, including cardio, strength and weight training, nutrition and supplementation.

Our programs are flexible and are combined with accountability and wellness coaching. Physiques Gym focuses on long term success, no trends or quick fixes. 

Each Plan Includes:​

  • Initial consultation with a complete assessment of your body and history to identify the best program for you
  • Monitored tracking of your progress
  • A program personalized to your individual needs
  • Direct access to our team of coaches
  • Remote coaching with custom workouts
  • Cardio routine based on your individual goals
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Structured meals to take the guess what out of what to eat and when
  • Guidance on what supplements to take and when
  • Community – as a client you will become a part of the hardest working community in fitness! #PGTRIBE


At Physiques Gym we are committed to achieving results that last! We will teach you how to be successful and transform you lifestyle. We are only looking for individuals who are serious and committed to real change.