Flavour : Alpine Vanilla

55g PROTEIN ~ 13g CARBOHYDRATES ~ 11g BCAAS ~ Gluten Free

Physiques Gym Protein Supplement is a great tasting, time-release, blended protein supplement. By combining the highest quality whey, milk, casein and egg proteins, we are able to achieve the time-release digestion process.


The benefit of this is a sustained level of protein concentration within the body for a longer period of time. Health and Nutrition Benefits of Physiques Gym Protein Supplement:

* 11g of BCAA’s
* Aspartame free
* Great for individuals with active lifestyles
* Includes whey and casein

Suggested Use
Physiques Gym Protein Supplement can be used before workouts, after workouts, prior to bedtime or anytime you would normally have a nutritious shake.