Craig Tinnelle bodybuilder, coach and leader


Trainer Craig Tinnelle is a United States Marine Corps veteran, with 4 years of active service and an additional 4 years of inactive reserve. For over 20 years, Craig has served over 4,000 individuals to help them achieve their fitness goals.
Through nutrition and extensive training, Craig has been able to transform couch-dwellers to the next level of fitness and beyond. Helping them to surpass their wildest expectations, he can improve both physical and mental fitness with his programs.


Born on October 16, 1970 in Chicago, Illinois, Craig “Tinn-Mann” Tinnelle came into this world a fighter and a champion.  From the moment of his arrival, weighing only 6lbs, Craig’s life began as a challenging endeavor….one in which he never backed down from.  He was born the oldest of four children to his military parents whose careers moved their small family quite a bit, including overseas.  The Tinnelle family spent a number of years in Japan where Craig discovered his passion for martial arts as well as the gifts of serenity that Buddhism had to offer.  Through his education in the field of martial arts, Craig developed amazing skills in hand to hand combat as well as the balance of fight necessary for an honorable and able fighter.  

As a growing young man with an innate passion for the development of one’s own physical fitness, Craig gravitated towards the rapidly growing arena of bodybuilding.  At only 8 years old, his continuing education of the bodybuilding sport began through his incessant reading of magazines and articles coupled by his watchful eye when the sport was televised.  Craig would mimic the athletes in front of the mirror to practice his own personal development in the art while then turning to the gym to gain even further insight and knowledge about the sport.  Craig’s zealous attitude towards the furtherance of his own education has driven him further in life than imaginable.  

When the Tinnelle family returned stateside, they settled in Peoria, Arizona where Craig and his three sisters attended Peoria High School.  During his tenure at Peoria High School, Craig joined the cheerleading squad and was able to utilize his dance and gymnastic skills to advance his team to numerous competitions.  He was the cheerleader in the gym training alongside the football team, pushing himself harder and harder with each training session.  Shortly after high school, Craig became a father and he began the career in his life he is most proud of, being a parent to his children.  

In an effort to provide the best that he could for his children, Craig joined the United States Marine Corps as an active member for 4 years and continued in the inactive reserve for another 4 years.  During his active tour, his fellow marines quickly learned of Craig’s innate skills in the fitness arena.  There were numerous occasions his superior officers would seek advice and guidance from him as it was readily apparent his knowledge surpassed all of theirs combined.  It wasn’t until the Marine Corps that Craig realized what career path he was destined to follow.  His constant and unwavering devotion to his physical advancement was impressive and was the driving force for Craig’s entrance into the fitness arena once he left active duty.

Craig entered the fitness arena as he has done everything in his life, with a dominating presence instantly sending a shock wave through the industry in Phoenix.  As is the norm with all new concepts and ideas, Craig’s training methods were received with great resistance.  He found himself constantly moving between fitness facilities because in one way or another his employers did not know how to incorporate the gifts and skills that Craig was displaying with his clients.  

After being asked to leave one more fitness facility, Craig knew it was time to venture onto his own and create his own facility – it was time to create the environment he knew was necessary and conducive to his training style.  On February 24, 2005, Dumbbells Gym was opened at 2716 East Bell Road, Phoenix.  Alongside him was his wife, Diana Tinnelle, and another fitness instructor he had taken under his wing, Julie Williams.  They were a force to be reckoned with in and outside the walls of Dumbbells.  They were able to train countless individuals and rapidly began to be the elite location for those seeking to train and compete in the bodybuilding arena.

After countless competitions and trophy after trophy being collected, Craig Tinnelle was creating a ripple effect.  His training style was unprecedented, his competitors were turning heads and making history competition after competition, and his dynasty had just begun.  As fate would have it, Craig suffered some excruciating events in 2008 and 2009, events that could easily have brought a person to their knees, forced them to throw their hands in the air in defeat and succumb to their sorrows.  Not the Tinn-Mann! With pain and sorrow as huge motivators, Craig persevered and continued forwards with his vision of becoming the best fitness instructor around.  

Over the next six years when countless individuals told him to give up, that he would not succeed, Craig utilized their words as fuel for his fire.  When recession struck the economy and finances were rapidly becoming an issue, the Tinn-Mann fought on.  The words “defeat” or “cannot” were never those that were heard leave Craig’s lips.  He was a Marine with a goal and a mission, to educate the masses, to overcome the national epidemic taking this great country by storm…..Obesity.

Through nutrition and extensive training, Craig is able to ensure his students surpass their wildest expectations – they present themselves with one goal and they are provided the education and tools to move well beyond their preconceived ideas.  Education is the key element in all of the training given by a PG trainer – as education is the tool of life.  As Craig says time and time again, “I work aimlessly to educate the students to the point that I work myself out of a job.”

Craig has the gift to take an athlete or a couch-dweller to the next level of fitness and beyond.  He teaches them it is a lifestyle change, not a moment in time.  Craig’s efforts of education and training are coupled by the community of students that reside within the great walls of PG.  Although each student may have a unique and individual fitness goal, they all share a collective goal of self-improvement and the overall betterment of themselves.  Through this means, a family and unity is built.

Craig “Tinn-Mann” Tinnelle has just begun to make his mark as a fitness instructor in the Phoenix Metropolitan area.  The current expansion of his present location, Physiques Gym, is underway and ever evolving.  His touch has no limits and his vision is finally coming true.  A decade in the making, survival of the odds and still progressing forward, Craig Tinnelle will be a common household celebrity name in short order.  His name will be found among the stars and his expertise will be sought by all levels of athletes, from home soil here in America and abroad.  A word to the wise, stay tuned….the journey of Craig Tinnelle has just begun.