It’s all about the Physiques Gym difference

Physiques Gym is a private personal training gym in Phoenix that is open to the public. Offering gym memberships, personal training, group personal training and group fitness, targeted functional fitness training as well as nutrition guidance and meal plans.

Physiques Gym is a fitness institution that has formatted a unique style of training. This type of personal training does not currently exist within the corporate fitness arena making us extremely unique and highly successful.

We invite all levels of athletes to join, from an introductory level with a basic fitness knowledge all the way to the extremist and true athlete who desires to take their knowledge and training to the next level.

What Makes Physiques Gym Unique:

  • Athletic style of training to create a body and mindset that can excel at all aspects of life
  • A group dynamic
  • A community of athletes all working on individual goals but with a team mentality
  • A team of trainers, not just one trainer
  • We are committed to YOUR goals
  • We use a military mentality (drive, direction, focus) while incorporating resistance education and weight training conditioning.
  • Instruction encompasses a variety of training styles including plyometric, isometric, calisthenic, high intensity training (HIT), circuit training, cardio conditioning and core strengthening and abdominal sculpting.
  • It’s the fitness program of the future

Our services include:

  • Group Personal Weight Training
  • Personal Training
  • Nutrition Program and Meal Plans
  • Competition and Contest Prep

 We’ll guide you to creating the perfect plan to create the body of your dreams.

Cara Barnes training client at Physiques Gym
bikini competitor doing pull-ups
  • Gym Memberships
  • Group Personal Training
  • Personal Training
  • Nutrition Program and Meal Plans
  • Basic Training Readiness Program (BTRP)
  • Athletic Strength Conditioning(ASC)
  • TMX
  • Competitor Prep