Benefits of Building Lean Mass

Build Lean Mass to Loose Body Fat

Benefits of Building Lean Mass

There are many health benefits to building lean mass.

Fat Loss vs Weight Loss

Lets first understand the difference between these two concepts as they are most often misunderstood.

Fat loss is when you experience a reduction in your overall body fat. In this scenario, we are not concerned with how much the scale says that you weigh, but rather the total amount of body fat you have stored on/in your body. This is your body composition.

Weight loss is when you experience a reduction in how much your body weighs. The loss can come from fat loss, water weight loss, or even a loss in lean mass or a decrease in bone density.

Problems with Weight Loss

All to often, the focus is on weight loss because its easy to measure, just simply standing on your bathroom scale. However, there are problems with focusing only on weight loss. 

  • Body weight fluctuates daily.  Your weight is influenced by the contents of your stomach, bowels, and bladder. 
  • Weight doesn’t consider how much of your body is fat, i.e. your body fat percentage. Two people can weigh the same but if one has a higher body fat percentage, they will look completely different. 

Guy or gal, young or old, athlete or sedentary, we all want to have less body fat. Increasing your lean mass by building toned, strong muscle will in turn help your body burn fat.

Benefits with Increase Lean Mass

Lean body mass is everything in your body except fat. The greater the amount of lean mass you have, you more calories your body will be burn. 

  • Lean mass increases your body’s ability fight of illness and disease. Insufficient lead mass, makes it harder on your body to recover from illness and disease because you wont have the type of nutrients necessary to power your immune system.
  • Increasing lean mass entails an increase in bone density. Stronger more dense bones leads off osteoporosis and general frailty. 

Building lean mass and decreasing overall body fat, is not something that only bodybuilders and athletes are concerned with. There are many health benefits to improving your body composition. The first step is to determine your current body composition. The best way to measure body composition is using a tape measurements or calipers. The second step is to create a plan, specific to you and your goals. Then, measure the results and hold you accountable to stay on track! Contact us today to schedule your consultation to get started! 


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