Benefits of Deadlifting

What are the benefits of deadlifting?

The deadlift is a great exercise that most athletes incorporate into their training program.  It also has benefits that everyone can gain from. Here is how you can benefit from deadlifting:

Physiques Gym deadlift deadlifting

Core Strength

First, let’s define what is the ‘core’.

Your core is the  area of your body in your midsection, it is more than your abs. It is made up of  all your muscles in that area including the front, back and sides. The core includes the traverse abdominis (TVA), erector spinae, obliques and your lower lats. These muscles work as stabilizers for the entire body.

Deadlifting properly will strength all of the muscles that make up your core; including your glutes aka Booty, hips, abs and back. This is beneficial because these muscles are what allows your body to be stable and stand erect. A strong core is important for balancing, posture and general functional strength.

Functional Strength

Functional strength is the strength that allows you to complete your daily activities. What is considered daily activity will vary from person to person but in general, the day to day tasks of living require functional strength.

For an athlete, functional strength may be the ability to perform highly skilled athletic tasks such as running, jumping, and throwing. For an average person, functional strength gives us the ability to pick up, carry, put away, and move things.

Muscle Mass

Deadlifting engages many of the largest muscles in your body, your back and glutes. To become stronger and build and develop muscle mass, then deadlifts should be a part of your program.

There are variations to the deadlift, each targeting a slightly different part of the these muscle groups. Each variation can be highly effective.

Physiques Gym deadlifting deadlift


While there are many benefits to deadlifting, this exercise can be dangerous if not executed properly. Especially if lifting heavy weight!

It is also important to realize that after deadlifting, your lower back is going to be sore! Yes, this may seem obvious however I have seen folks wake up the next morning with a sore lower back and become convinced they have damaged their back. NO! YOU. ARE. JUST.SORE

The deadlift is a technical lift thought to be only for athletes. NOT TRUE! There are many benefits to deadlifting if done correctly.

Learn how to deadlift properly and incorporate it into your training program! If you are unsure or want to learn more about how to deadlift, how to increase your mass weight, or variations to this lift, schedule a consultation with us!

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