Bodybuilder. What does it mean to be Bodybuilder?

Competitive Bodybuilder

Many people are intimated by the term, bodybuilder, as they immediately think  of a very muscular man that poses and flexes on stage. This is a competitive bodybuilder. A competitive bodybuilder can be a man or woman. They work very hard to build an aesthetically pleasing body that is also symmetrical from top to bottom and front to back. Competitive bodybuilders compete in organizations such as the National Physique Committee, NPC, and the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness, IFBB. Competitive bodybuilders typically spend several hours a week in the gym working on their physique and follow very strict meal plans.

Craig Tinnelle, competitive bodybuilder, on stage
Craig Tinnelle owner and founder of Physiques Gym is also a competitive bodybuilder. This photo is from a recent competition.

Anyone Can Be A Bodybuilder

Would you believe that a bodybuilder can also be a woman who is trying to look her best for a beach vacation. Or a high school basketball player who wants to play college ball? Or a man in his fifties who wants to be strong enough to chase after his grandkids.

In fact, most bodybuilders will never step on stage to compete, nor do they intend to. Anyone who spends time and energy trying to improve their body is a bodybuilder.

Physiques Gym clients working to build better bodies
Physiques Gym clients working to build better bodies

Bodybuilding is more than lifting heavy weights to make your muscles grow as big as possible. While, yes this is a component, bodybuilding is the effort exerted by any individual who is working to build a better body.

What is considered a ‘better body’ depends on the individual.  Regardless of your goal, if you have a physical goal and you work to achieve that goal through proper diet and exercise, you are bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding requires dedication, hard work and commitment. It is a lifestyle. Anyone can work to improve their body to look and feel better. Anyone who is also willing to work hard and eat a proper balanced diet is considered a bodybuilder!

So, do not let the word bodybuilder intimidate you. If you have a goal in mind of what you want to look like, you CAN achieve this goal. I will not tell you it is going to be easy and it will require time, dedication and hard work. But you can build the body you have always wanted! Physiques Gym, and owner and personal trainer, Craig Tinnelle, have been building bodies since 2005. If you are committed to change and ready to be the healthiest and fittest version of yourself, contact Physiques Gym to schedule an assessment. Start your journey to a better body today!

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