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By Physiques Gym, Jun 24 2015 05:00PM

Ask yourself, “What is the value of your health?” As you look to the future, how do you see yourself? Is the future you strong and healthy? Does the future you look fabulous in that little black dress? Does the future you take trips with the family and go on fun adventures? Most of us don’t look to the future and see a person that is overweight, weak or tired.
The work you put in today creates the body you will have tomorrow. Read that sentence again and take a moment for it to really set in……..The work you put in today creates the body you will have tomorrow.
Your life is busy and yet you continue to add more and more activities with each passing day. You find your days are filled to the brim and yet you to continue to add more. You have created a trend in your own life and it is not changing as you had once hoped.

Your inbox is piling up, your children need help with homework and those errands are not going to get done themselves. It becomes easier and easier to put off taking care of the most valuable asset you own, YOU!

Does this sound familiar, “I can’t get to the gym today, maybe I’ll have time to get in a quick run tomorrow”…..only, that run never happens. Or  “I’ll just grab a protein bar for lunch on my way to the post office” or “I have a PTA meeting tonight so we will have to order pizza for dinner.”

It may seem impossible, but you CAN break this cycle. Rather than living a life that is dictated by impulses, lead a life of conscious choices and decisions. Make small changes each and every day to contribute to a healthier stronger you!

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