Yoga and Weight Training

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Yoga and Weight Training

Most people who practice the art of yoga don’t participate in any other areas of fitness. Not to stereotype, however, the image that comes to most peoples mind when thinking about a yoga participant, they envision a lean female with some muscularity but not a lot. Tell me I’m wrong? Our goal here at PG is to change your preconceived ideas and educate you on how the combination of stretching with weight training can revolutionize your overall level of fitness.

Yoga sessions involve a considerable amount of poses (called “asanas”) that stretch and activate the hip musculature at the long muscle lengths. From hip flexors, to hamstrings, to adductors, to hip rotators, yoga will keep hip flexibility solid, which is another excellent foundational feature for weight training.

Yoga sessions also involve elongating the body for the shoulder musculature – shoulder flexion, extension, and internal rotation specifically, which are great for resistance training. Yoga provides a decent core stability challenge to the abdominals, obliques, and glutes.

As anyone at PG knows, you will hear your fitness instructors voice over and over again tell you, “Arch your back and push your chest out.” For those with limited flexibility in their spine, this is exceptionally challenging to complete. Through yoga poses the spine is kept flexible from spinal flexion, to extension, to lateral flexion, and rotation. You can invariably increase your flexibility through the practice of your poses.

Similar to your weight training regimen, doing your yoga movements slowly and holding poses for short period of time will help activate your slow-t
itch muscle fibers. It is the development of your slow-twitch fibers that helps build your overall endurance. And endurance is vital when performing extended weight training sessions or when in a high intensity circuit training with weights. Again, all common practices at PG!

Gina Gerzie demonstrating a head stand

The relationship between yoga and weight training is one of completeness. They work together to facilitate development in an individual’s growth and furtherance of their overall fitness. You see, weight sims freeplay hacks training can be an efficient way for flexible individuals to build strength and bolster muscle awareness so that they’re working from a place of integration in the body, tapping into equal amounts of flexibility and strength in their yoga poses. Increase your flexibility, endurance, and spinal strength which are all necessary for correct form and muscular development through weight training.

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