How to Find The Best Personal Trainer

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Having the right personal trainer can make all the difference. These tips will help you find the best trainer for you.  

What is your goal?

The first step is identifying your health and fitness goals. Whether your goal is weight loss, to build muscle, become a competitive bodybuilder or overcome a health issue, the right professional can help you reach your goals. Once you know what your goal is, you can then set out to find the personal trainer for you.

Research trainers in your area.

Now that you know your goal, the next step is to research trainers who have a proven track record of helping other people with similar goals. Keep in mind that not all goals are the same. If you are trying to loose weight, then hiring an expert in power lifting is not necessarily going to be a good for you. 

These pointers will help you with your research:

  1. Social Media makes it easy for trainers and coaches to put their accomplishments on display. Take the time to look through their posts. Are there photos of clients who are working to achieve their goals? Or is there only posts of them working out? You need to know they have the ability to effectively help people.  
  2. Read the reviews. Any effective coach has a proven track record of helping people reach their goals. The reviews will give you a clear idea of how successful the coach will be for you. 
  3. Location and facility. Some people are willing to travel long distances for the right coach but think about where they are located and if it is reasonably accessible for you. Also consider the facility, is it a large box gym or a small private gym. There are pros and cons to both types of location but ultimately it is a good idea to know it is the type gym you want to be a member of. 

Schedule a consultation with a few trainers:

Once you have done your research, schedule a consultation to meet with a few trainers. You will want to meet with the personal trainers to make sure its  going to be a good fit. 

Here a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Customized programs. Does the trainer create personal programs for individuals or does everyone go through a ‘one size fits all’ program. 
  2. Nutrition counseling. Can the trainer help you with your nutrition? Regardless of your goal, nutrition is going to contribute to more than 80% of your success. 
  3. Success rate. Your trainer should be goal focused, not just focused on getting you as a client. And you should be more important than just another member.
  4. Experience and certifications. Experience is one of the most important attributes of a good personal trainer. Regardless of certifications, an experienced trainer will be able to guide you to reaching your goals. While certifications are important, do not get to hung on it. There are plenty of trainers with certifications who have no experience in helping others. It is very easy for people to become certified trainers these days. 

Financial Commitment:

Hiring a personal trainer is going to be a financial commitment. Let me say that again, hiring a personal trainer is a financial commitment. 

Do not think about it as a per hour expense. What you are really paying for is accountability, confidence and results! When you hire a personal trainer you are not just paying someone for their time. You are paying for their years of experience and expertise. You should hire someone who gives you the confidence and courage that you are in a safe environment working to reach your goals!

What is personal training like at Physiques Gym?

Physiques Gym is a goal oriented training environment, open to all body types an all goals. Physiques Gym is only a training gym, it is not an open gym. So everyone works directly with one of our coaches, every session. 

When you sign up with Physiques Gym, you are hiring two coaches, Craig Tinnelle and Cara Barnes. Craig and Cara work together to guide, teach, motivate clients to ensure they reach their goals. 

Our passion is helping individuals reach their goals. If you are focused, driven and goal oriented and willing to put in the effort, we will be with you every step of the way.  We have a vested interest in you reaching your goals. Learn more here.

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