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    Is Bodybuilding Athletic?

    A common debate is whether bodybuilding can be considered an athletic event or not. Some believe that it is simply an exercise of vanity and doesn’t involve agility or endurance. Others argue that it is indeed a sport that requires a lot of physical exertion. As a competitive bodybuilder, I believe that it’s high time to finally settle this controversy.

    Reasons Bodybuilding is an Athletic Endeavor

    Bodybuilders do undergo intense physical training and follow strict dietary plans to achieve a well-defined physique. This requires endurance, agility, and strength. Bodybuilding competitions judge the competitors primarily on the appearance of their physiques as well their posing. This involves coordination and flexibility. The weight-lifting and resistance training they undergo are grueling and require significant effort, discipline, and dedication.

    Bodybuilding requires a great deal of physical exertion, comparable to other competitive sports, where players have to work hard to achieve high levels of endurance and agility. Bodybuilders need to have the same mobility and strength as in any other sport, and they require significant cardiovascular endurance to keep up with their training regimen, especially for long hours of cardio training.

    In addition, bodybuilders’ training is similar to that of athletes. Whether it’s taking into account the same preparation and focus on nutrition, the mental training they undergo, or the frequency and intensity of their workouts. Competitive bodybuilders are very careful about their exercise routine. Including strength and cardio exercises, and their training philosophy seldom allows for compromising on their dietary intake, discipline, or consistency.

    Bodybuilding may not be a team sport, but it does involve competition, and it requires the same amount of preparation and hard work as any other professional sport. Bodybuilders put in similar, if not more hours of training to achieve a physique that displays strength, symmetry, and aesthetic appeal.

    In conclusion, bodybuilding should be considered as a bona fide athletic activity as it tests the body’s strength, agility, and endurance, It involves the same level of hard work, discipline, and determination as any other competitive sport. The physical exertion and extensive training bodybuilders undergo is as demanding as is typical in any other sport. This is a clear indicator that bodybuilding has an equivalent level of competition. Bodybuilding should be recognized by sports organizations worldwide as an athletic sport.


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