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    Is It Too Late to Start Lifting Weights?

    Is It Too Late to Start Lifting Weights?

    The journey to fitness and weight loss is a continuous one, and more than often people tend to focus solely on cardio exercises. However, lifting weights has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to achieve a fit body. As we age, our bodies tend to lose muscle mass, and we become weaker. This is where strength training comes in, but one common question is, is it too late to start lifting weights? In this article, we will explore the benefits of weightlifting and why it is never too late to start.

    Helps Build Muscle Mass

    Strength training, commonly referred to as weightlifting, helps build muscle mass. And one great thing about muscle mass is how “resilient” it is. Whether you’re 20 or 90, starting a weight lifting routine will help build muscle mass. And as you age, muscle mass decrease. This decline can be due to reduced muscle mass while leading a sedentary lifestyle, eating an unhealthy diet, or other factors. By adding weightlifting to your routine, body mass change can be halted, and muscle mass regained.

    Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

    Strength training has also been linked with a reduced risk of heart disease. As more people become overweight or obese, cardiovascular disease-related deaths continue to rise. Lifting weights can help combat this by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels, increasing cardiovascular fitness, and reducing the risk of developing type-2 diabetes.

    Aids in Weight Management

    Strength training has also shown to be effective in aiding weight management. We know that strength training can burn significant calories during the workout, but it also helps increase your metabolic rate, leading to further calorie burning. With a regular strength training routine, one can benefit from the effects of afterburn, which means the body continues to burn calories even after the training has ended.

    Reduces Risk of Injuries and Falls

    Building muscle strength is also an important task as we age. Since age-related muscle loss makes us more prone to accidents and injuries, weightlifting provides a solution. Strength training helps increase strength in our legs, core, and upper body helping improve balance and agility, reducing the risk of falls.

    Improves Mental Health

    Strength training and exercise, in general, have been proven to help improve mental health. Regular exercise can help decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety, reduce stress, and give a sense of achievement and satisfaction. It is not uncommon for gym-goers to report an improvement in their confidence, self-esteem, and feeling more positive about life after starting strength training.


    It is never too late to start lifting weights. Regardless of age, gender, or starting point, incorporating strength training in your workout routine is necessary. The benefits of strength training are far-reaching and extend beyond physical health. It helps reduce the risk of chronic diseases, aids in weight management, and improves mental health. So, don’t hesitate to add some weights to your routine and watch your body transform, both on the inside and out.

    To ensure you are lifting weights safely and effectively, consider hiring a personal trainer. While there are many key benefits of hiring a personal trainer, the most important is to have someone teach you proper form and technique. Also someone who can have eyes on while you are performing your movements to ensure that you are conducting each movement in a safe manner.

    If you’re ready to take your fitness, physique and mental health to the next level, it’s time to check out Physiques Gym! Our professional personal trainers have many years of experience. Our training is tailored specifically for each individual client’s needs. We provide more than just training; we also offer advice on nutrition and healthy habits so our clients can reach their goals faster!

    So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and get ready to transform your life with professional personal training at Physiques Gym!

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