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A competitor is a state of mind

Not everyone who workouts out is a bodybuilding or physique competitor, and quite frankly not everyone should be. But, you can learn a thing or two about focus and determination from a competitor.

Goal – set it and go after it 

Most competitors have an “off season” where they may be a bit more flexible with their food, but a competitor never looses sight of the goal.

Once a competitor sets their mind on a goal, which for them is usually a particular competition, that goal becomes one of, if not THE most important things in their life.

The most critical trait a competitor has is a switch. Just like everyone else, competitors like to enjoy food and flexibility. However, when its time to get serious and focus on their goals, a competitor can flip a switch and become 100% focused on their personal goal of stepping on stage.

Once this switch is flipped, the competitor is now a focused machine.

women physique competitorPreparation is key

Regardless of your goals, preparation is key the success.

A competitor eats for success. When a goal is in sight, a competitor will eat a very structured meal plan targeted to their very individual goals.

A competitor always knows what their next meal is going to be and they have their meals prepared and ready to go.

Being fully committed to achieving the goal is more important to a competitor than what their food tastes like. Food prep and meal prep are more important than watching tv at the end of the day or catching the gam. A competitor will prep their food no matter what, because they understand that falling short of food leads to hungerous disasters.

YOLO – Not 

You only leave once…true, but a competitor will never throw caution to wind and just eat whatever they want. In fact, once focused a competitor will usually only eat foods they have prepared themselves, that are weighed and measured.

Rest and sleep

Rest and sleep are critical components to most any health and fitness goal. During sleep the body will continue to process and it’s during this time that the body will recover from the intense stressors of the day. Without rest and sleep, vital bodily functions are compromised and a competitor is not going to risk their success by missing sleep.

Training and cardio 

Each competitor has a unique training and cardio regimen, but one trait remains the same, a competitor wouldn’t miss a workout because it wasn’t convenient or “something came up”

The time in the gym is critical to develop the necessary conditioning to be primed for show day.

Goals before Go’s

Lunch dates, happy hours, and late night bowling leagues would NEVER derail a competitor from their goals. Sure fun times with friends and family are important and should be a part of life, but its important to prioritize properly in order to stay on track.

* * * * *

Believe it or not, most people who step into Physiques Gym for the first time have no desire to ever be a competitive bodybuilder. In fact, only a small percentage of our clients have ever expressed the desire to compete. Yet one way we push for and achieve goals, is that everyone is encouraged to prioritize their goals to put themselves first!

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