Personal Trainer vs. Fitness Instructor vs. Coach

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Personal Trainer vs. Fitness Instructor vs. Coach

The words a gym often uses in describing their staff – personal trainers, fitness instructors or coaches – tend to be general and interchangeable. However, the meanings of these words are very different.

  • A personal trainer is a term used often in the fitness industry. It usually is considered a one-on-one method in traini
    ng. It may be a certified position. Several certifications are available, some of the biggest ones are ISSA, NASM, and ACE.
  • A fitness instructor often tends to be the definition of a person who leads group classes. Though they may mainly work with groups in specific type classes, they are not as often in individual fitness relationships as a personal trainer is.
  • A coach is someone who teaches or trains an athlete or individual. Coaches manage a process and make decisions about the best possible means toward success. Coaches direct the training for a successful outcome. Coaches learn how to motivate and push athletes to achieve more.Physiques Gym Celebrity personal trainer Craig Tinnelle and athlete

How is Physiques Gym different?

With these generalized terms, how can Physiques Gym actually be characterized? Though we combine both ideas of fitness instructors for our group training sessions, and Physiques Gym celebrity personal trainer and posing coach and athleteeven qualified and skilled personal trainers, our vision of how we’d like to be exclusively defined is a coaching style that becomes organic and natural, collective and shared, pure and live, exclusive and specific.

To break it down, a coach stands out in their approach to training. We push a person to the extreme. We motivate and strive for you to achieve more than what is expected.

Physiques Gym is a results driven training facility. Regardless of your current fitness level, we strive for maximum output to achieve results! In the end, this means success for those who seek our services and stay with our training system. Your goals become our goals and failure is NOT an option.

Whether training as an individual or in a group session, Physique Gym’s coaches will push and motivate you toward greatness,  and that’s what Physiques Gym is all about.

Physiques Gym celebrity personal trainer and posing coach with athleteCome join us now to get started on your path to great health and fitness and experience the difference at Physiques Gym!

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