Benefits of a Personal Trainer

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Let’s start with the definition of a personal trainer to help you understand the benefits of having a personal trainer.


Personal trainer is an individual that has the skill set, experience and knowledge to design a safe,effective and innovative fitness program. Ideally this individual should epitomize and be an example of all that they teach in health and fitness.

Personal trainers may be certified by an organization such as the International Sport Sciences Association.

Personal training is an investment into your health and future well being. All people can benefit from hiring a personal trainer.

There are many reasons why you would benefit

from having a personal trainer.



Celebrity personal trainer and Physiques Gym owner, Craig Tinnelle, says it best. Craig explains fitness as a science backed by emotions.  Emotions can make it difficult to maintain motivation for long periods of time. And loss of motivation can derail even the most committed person.

A personal trainer will find ways to trigger your motivation to continue to push you toward your goals.

A Physiques Gym personal trainer will push, motivate and inspire you to achieve your goals. We work to achieve your goals, if you’re looking to lose weight fast, gain muscle, trim up, or get into shape like never before
We will find ways to trigger your motivation to continue to push you toward your goals.


How you exercise is as important as the exercise you perform. Proper form and technique when strength training prevents injury and helps ensure you get the maximum benefit for your efforts.  Using bad form when strength training increases your chances of pulling or straining a muscle or joint. Also, over time, using bad form can lead to muscle imbalances. The muscle may get stronger but may not function correctly.

A personal trainer will monitor your form to make sure you always using proper form.


Many times in life we set out on a path only to lose direction focus and accountability. Investing in a personal trainer insures you stay on track. This individual is constantly observing and making the necessary adjustments to insure that you reach your goal in the most safe, effective and, timely manner.

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Physiques Gym is different than all other gyms in Phoenix. Physiques Gym and it’s fitness instructors unique hands on approach sets Physiques Gym apart from all other fitness facilities in the Phoenix metropolitan area

Physiques Gym is a results driven environment,  you will be motivated and inspired to stay on track and reach your goals. At Physiques Gym your success is our motivation! Contact us to get started today!

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