• Love the energy here! Everyone works together to push you to the next level!

    Shea W
  • Hi Im Cari.. I started training with Craig Tinnelle 12 years ago. He trained and prepared me for my National Rollerskating championships .. Years went by and in November of 2012 we reconnected. . By this time I had started competing in women's figure, in bodybuilding shows.. I trained at Physiques Gym for a year, and in 2014 , competed for the first time in women's physique division under the mentoring and coaching of Craig Tinnelle, and received my first trophy... Physiques Gym, has become my second home and the people have become my family. .. Results are guaranteed , and friendships , and support are priceless... Hands down best gym and coaching in the valley.. Cari

    Cari V
  • Physiques Gym has a special element to it that brings out your inner gym rat! The love and support found in this gym is hard to come by when you are looking for group classes. Every member that attends this gym, are like cheerleaders when you think your mind is about to fail you, those people will uplift you along with all the trainer who are always there to help you through your struggles. I highly recommend this gym To anyone that wants To transform their life for the better!

    Lisa M
  • Excellent!!! I love it!! And I miss it!! ? I am coming back soon!!! ?????????????????????????????????

    Elvia B
  • I am near 50 and started working out by myself for the first time ever in my life at Lifetime Fitness. I wasn't able to get results but I watched my business partner who was going to Physiques become huge during the same time. So I went to Craig and he was able to get me to add 25 pounds of lean muscle in 6 months. I learned a tremendious amount about my body and what it takes to achieve these results. I feel so much better every day and definately look better! Craig will not only push you to your physical limits but fully educate you along the way. If you want scenery and don't care about results go to Lifetime, If you want results and an education go to Physiques. Oh, and there are no clipboards that the trainer will be holding, many times they are in there working with you.......

    A Google User
  • I can't say enough good things about this gym. Not only have I lost almost 100 pounds but I have gained so much more that can not be measured....like health & confidence. You want something different then do something different! I highly recommend Physiques Gym!

    char Canty
  • I don't know why other gyms even try.

  • I thought I knew how to train myself, and after my first workout in Physiques, I realized how wrong I was. I am doing things in there that I would never have done by myself and the results show it. Craig is awesome and gives the highest attention to details. So glad someone showed me Physiques!

    Martin French
  • Physiques gym has changed my life inside and outside of the gym. I walked in physiques gym at the age of 16. When it came to fitness, at the time, this was all new to me. The knowledge you obtain from this gym is priceless. Ive learned more about myself than I ever knew. This gym will push you to your limits, but at the end of the day the results speak for themselves.

  • I came to physiques thinking that I knew how to workout, eat semi-right, and admittedly had some results on my own. I did research online, which led me to Craig Tinnelle at Physiques Gym. My intentions were to see if Craig would write a good workout routine, and a nutritional plan to meet my goals, then I was going to go off on my own... Craig assessed my current level with two personal training sessions (more difficult than any workout that I had ever done) and I quickly found that not only did I know nothing about training and Nutrition, but that Craig is a Mad Scientist, he really knows what he is doing! What I especially appreciate is that Craig listens closely to my goals and tailors the training sessions and my meal plan to maximize results. And all of this with proper form and technique. I have been going to Physiques and training with Craig now for a little over two years and believe it or not I have not done the same workout twice, my body is constantly changing and I am achieving amazing results. I recommend that anyone who wants to achieve some fitness or health goal, and actually be in a great training environment, contact Craig Tinnelle at Physiques Gym in North Phoenix you will not be disappointed.

    Neil G
  • Bad idea! Live and learn.

    Ryan Lucas
  • You never walk out telling yourself you shouldn't have gone. Always a great day at Physiques.

    Melinda Mansfield
  • Last year I was struggling to come to terms with the death of my son and a breakup with his father. I was depressed and had put on quite a bit of weight. In January 2014, I decided I had to do something about it. A friend told me about Physiques Gym, and I went to visit. Well, it was the start of a positive life change for me. I lost 30 lbs and started to find myself again. I have enjoyed working with Craig (aka the Tinn Mann), and the lovely Cara. I have become a more active person in general, with a much better outlook on life. I look forward to continuing to get the figure I want. Physiques Gym is a great way to change your life - and become a better you!

    Chrissy Storr
  • Game Changer....Life Changer....Family...Knowledgable....Experts in their field! So many ways to describe the training and coaching you receive when you workout at Physiques Gym! From meal plan (after all it's 80% nutrition) to exercise (20%) - experts in the field filled with compassion for what they do and their clients. If you want to change your body - weight loss/body fat loss, build lean muscle, feel better about you or become a champion body builder this is the place. Join the PG family and you will never regret it!

    Kim Bruck
  • Sure I could go to others gyms, even workout with other trainers....but my health, my body and true lasting results are worth everything to me....

    Cara Barnes
  • Great gym and great people! It is open to everyone but they will train you hard. Wish I could've stayed longer but hopefully I'll be back. They have serious bodybuilders here and can also help you with a meal plan so you get the most out of your workout. Thanks for everything!

    Tim Agra
  • Great environment, great people, very knowledable and excellent workouts! Highly recommend to people looking to change their lifestyle and get the most out of their workout!

    Alyssa DeRichie
  • I've been to gyms all over the country and this is definitely one of the best I've come across. The staff is great, the sessions are great, there's an abundance of knowledge and the energy that you're surrounded by while working out is unobtainable anywhere else in the city. Any one of the trainers there will push you to the limit and you will learn something new every single time. I definitely recommend this place to anyone who's looking to get some serious results or wanting to take their physique to the next level. This is not one of those "gyms" that you go to take selfies just to post on social media with hashtag #gymislife...

    Chuy Lozoya
  • In January 2015, I made the decision to improve my health. My primary goal was to transform the appearance of my abs. After participation in my first bikini show in June 2015, a nutritionist and trainer shared that if I build my hamstrings, calves and glutes more, I will be successful at future shows. So, I researched gyms in Phoenix, AZ and was impressed by that, "Come On," video featuring Craig and his gym members working out aggressively. I thought, this is where I need to be!!! Upon becoming a member, everyone at the entire gym were very welcoming and supportive despite my very reserved nature. The TinnMann operates a very "tight ship" here and the group training circuits are ever changing and not mundane. I want to thank Craig's assortment of personal trainers, all are stellar in their own unique ways, but I would like to give a shout out to three in particular, Cara, Mike, and Melinda. Thank you Cara for being mentally astute, assessing the old frame and helping to develop a new physical frame. Thank you Mike for policing my movements and correcting my form to execute my exercises properly and to avoid injury. You push me to finish all of my sets in a gentle way. Thank you Melinda for sharing your stories as a competitor yourself and encouraging me to press on. I enjoy working with you always. Thank you Craig for my first win at Fitness Universe and prepping me for this event and making that happen. Much success to all staff and gym members of Physiques Gym.

    Tasha Byrd
  • Craig Tinnelle is one of a kind! His style of training & expertise in fitness and nutrition you will find no where but Physiques Gym. Craig prepared me for the candidate physical agility test (CPAT) and the Fire Academy. I've been weight training for many years and Nothing compares to a training session with Craig! If you're tired of not reaching your fitness goals, go to Physiques Gym and enjoy your transformation.

    Sara Beans