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    What is time-restricted eating?

    There are hundreds of diets and diet programs on the internet, it can be extremely difficult to figure out which one will work for you. In this web series we break down and explain some of the most popular diets.

    Time-restricted eating is considered a type of intermittent fasting. Rather than limiting the type of foods or the number of calories consumed, time-restricted eating focuses on the time of eating.

    When following the time-restricted eating plan, you eat all of your meals during a specific window of time. Outside the window of time allowed for eating, you are fasting. Most people only consume water during this fast period. No calories should consumed during the fast period.

    One benefit to time-restricted eating is that it is pretty simple. There is no planning or prepping or special foods to eat. You simply eat during your window, fast outside of the window.

    Start with a shorter fasting period. Over time, increase your fasting period and decrease your eating period. Eventually shorten the period to eat to a window of 6-8 hours, depending on your physical activity level.

    Do not expect time-restricted eating to be a quick fix for weight loss. In fact, many studies indicate that people following this diet plan often consume the same or more calories than they would on a normal eating schedule. In order for time-restricted eating to help you achieve sustainable weight loss, its important to know what foods work well for your body and to only eat foods that are healthy and will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

    When should I eat my first meal?

    Ultimately, this depends on the person. Some find more success if they wait until late in the morning for the first meal. Much of this will depend on your schedule and lifestyle habits.

    What is the best hours for my eating window?

    Start with a larger eating window and slowly decrease the time by 30 minute intervals. Remember, its more important that you monitor what you are eating in the eating window.

    Most people schedule their fasting window to be around the hours they are sleeping. For example, if on average you sleep from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am, that is already a 9 hour fasting window. If your last meal is at 7:00 pm and your first meal is at 9:00 am, that is a 14 hour fasting window.

    Can I gain muscle on time-restricted eating?

    Yes. Studies show that you can put on muscle. This will depend on what you consume during your eating window. It is important to consume foods that work well for your body and support building lean mass.

    Should I workout during the fast period or the eating period?

    Timing is critical. Its important to have enough gas in tank before you workout. It can be beneficial for fat loss to workout fasted but its not recommended to workout at the end of your fasting cycle, unless its first thing in the morning.

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