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Top reasons you are not losing weight | 8 Common Reasons Why You’re Not Losing as Much Weight as You Expected To Even Though You are Working Out and and Eating Healthy


Are you frustrated because you’re not losing weight, even though you’re doing everything “right?” You may be surprised to learn, there are several common reasons why people can’t seem to lose weight – despite their best efforts. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the top reasons why you are not loosing weight. Additionally, we will provide tips for overcoming these obstacles. So if you are feeling discouraged because of your lack of progress, read on – you may find the answers you need here.

“I’m working out and eating healthy, but still cant loose weight, what am I doing wrong???”


As a personal trainer and fitness coach, this is a question that comes up a lot. After working with thousands of clients at Physiques Gym, here is a list of the top reason you are not losing weight. .

Top Reasons You're Not Losing Weight | Physiques Gym


First and foremost, Nutrition. There are many topics that we will discuss under this heading.

Top Reasons You're Not Losing Weight | Physiques GymYou’re eating too many calories

Most people who struggle to loose weight are eating too many calories. The conversation I have almost daily is, be completely honest with yourself. If you are on a structured meal plan, stick to it without any deviations. If you are not on a meal plan, its important to track your food, and I mean track ALL of your food. Here is a list of 5 apps that will help you.

Here a few ways you may be overeating and not even realize it:
  • Adding calories to your food by overusing sauces and marinades. If you read the labels, most of these products are loaded with sodium and sugar.
  • Grabbing small snacks through the day. A bite of this, a few pieces of that, and before you know it, you can add hundreds of extra calories to your daily intake. Even if these snacks are considered healthy, beware. The calories still count!
  • Eating on the go and not preparing and planning your meals. Daily life can be hectic and if you do not have your food prepared in advance, you are going to find yourself making choices out of convenience and these are most often, not healthy options.
  • Binge eating and cheat meals. You can ruin a successful week of healthy eating in one meal. Most people fall of the wagon by binging on processed foods that is loaded with nutrion-less calories.
  • Rewarding yourself with food. Don’t reward yourself for something you should be doing anyway. A week of watching what you eat, does not warrant a cheat meal. At least not every weekend. If your not careful, you can over consumer hundreds or even thousands of calories in one meal and derail all of your hard work. Not to mention, that for many people, eating these high fat, high carb and sugary meals can make it harder to get back to your plan.Top Reasons You're Not Losing Weight | Physiques Gym

You’re not drinking enough water

Dehydration can affect many areas of your body and prevent it from working well.  This can be a reason your are not losing weight. Read more about Reasons for Drinking Water.

You’re not getting enough quality sleep

Getting enough good equality sleep is a key contributor to being healthy and functional. Accordingly, lack of sleep is one of the biggest contributors to obesity. Learn more about the importance of sleep in Weight Loss Secrets.

You’re drinking your calories

Watching what you eat is critical to healthy living. However, so is watching what you drink.
Some of the beverages that we may consider to be healthy alternatives are often loaded with sugar, fat and carbs that willsabotage your efforts lose weight and keep it off. Read more in Think Before you Drink.

Top Reasons You're Not Losing Weight | Physiques Gym


You’re drinking too much alcohol

For many, alcohol is a social norm to unwind after a hard day. Alcohol is typically high in calories, which can sabotage your efforts. However, there are also many other reasons to cut out drinking. Studies show, that regardless of what you are drinking, if you regularly drink 3 or more drinks in a day, you are likely to be overweight.

Essentially, alcohol is a toxin which can be harmful to your body. But also, as we know, alcohol, even small amounts can affect your ability to think clearly and make good decisions. So after a few cocktails, you may be likely to overindulge on foods you shouldn’t be eating.

I’m not saying that you will never be able to drink again, but at least while you are trying to loose weight, cut it out.

You have a medical condition or hormonal imbalance

There are many health conditions that can make it difficult to loose weight. DIFFICULT, not IMPOSSIBLE. Thyroid conditions or hormonal imbalances can have a major impact on your efforts. If you suspect this may be your issue, it is strongly suggested you visit your doctor for a health screening and have your thyroid and hormones checked.

Top Reasons You're Not Losing Weight | Physiques Gym

You are loosing and don’t realize it

Last but not least, the scale is not your only tool to measure your success. If you are eating healthy, getting in adequate amounts of protein, and included weight training into your exercise regimen, its possible that you are loosing fat and gaining muscle. If this is the case, the scale may stay the same or even go up. Its best to have a professional measure your body composition to ensure you are tracking in the right direction.

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight, it’s possible that one (or more) of the top reasons you are not loosing weight listed above is to blame. But don’t worry – help is available! The coaches and trainers at Physiques Gym, have over 40 years of experience and have been transforming bodies since 2005. If you are looking for a professional personal trainer with experience and the knowledge to help you reach your goals, contact us to get started.

Are you you ready to take your health and fitness to the next level? Contact Physiques Gym to schedule an assessment. Our coaches will guide you to become your best self, mentally and physically stronger and more disciplined. Contact us by email, or call (602)953-1111, or text (602)741-6339.

Author: Cara Barnes

Cara Barnes | Personal Trainer
Cara Barnes
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