Weight Loss Transformations

Weight Loss Transformations

Weight loss literally means to weigh less, or a reduction in weight. A common goal for many but the focus should be on fat loss.

Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss

Weight loss only focuses on a reduction in total body weight. The loss can be water, digestive waste, fat or lean mass. Lean mass is bone, muscle, tendons, ligaments and organ tissue. A true transformation will change your overall body composition. Your body fat will decrease and your lean mass will stay the same or increase, depending on your goals.

Your body weight can fluctuate daily. To be sure that the weight loss you are experiencing is in fact fat loss you must check your body composition. The scale is a tool but can be very misleading because it only measures your actual weight without consideration to your body composition. The best way to know if your body is changing is by how your clothes fit.

The overall goal is to be healthy and happy with the way you look and feel.


If you goal is to transform your body and loose weight, i.e. body fat and learn how to keep it off contact us to start your program!  To learn more tips and insight follow us on Facebook and Instagram

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