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If I asked you: What is your WHY? could you answer me?

So many times people will begin an exercise program with a purpose in mind, but over time, that purpose may fade and the goals they have originally set disappear in their minds. A common problem with exercise programs is that people start out strong, but as time progresses and life happens – often without even realizing it- their focus on what brought them here fades away. We can get so caught up in our daily routines; we lose sight of the reason why this journey started!

As coaches in the fitness arena, we’ll ask the questions that matter:

  • What is your WHY?
  • What do you want to change in your life?
  • Why do you want to change your life in that way?
  • What motivates you to success?

We realize that those who don’t verbalize and cannot envision their WHY will often quit before reaching their goals. As coaches and trainers, our purpose is to motivate, inspire, encourage and support you to the end, whether that end means you want to achieve a certain weight, a certain look, or an ongoing healthy living lifestyle.

To start your fitness program, we need to know your why. This allows us to engage and encourage you when the going gets a bit tough.

You will experience challenges. You will have tough times. You will face trials. And when those challenges arise, you will stay motivated and focused if you keep telling yourself what your WHY is! Keep reminding yourself daily. Keep focusing on it always. Allow us to hold you accountable to your purpose.

You’ll find that your experience at Physiques Gym will make a difference in your life, your body, your weight, your mentality. Your success will start, but once your WHY is taken on, it will go beyond that arena into the greater depths of your life, and you will find it changing you beyond what you can ever imagine!


  • Dream it!
  • State it!
  • Understand it!
  • Embrace it!
  • Plan it!
  • Focus on it!
  • Commit to it!
  • Work it!
  • Never forget it!
  • Achieve it!

Your success always comes from that underlying motivation of what you want to change in your life. This is how you will be forever successful – not only in the fitness arena, but in life itself!

THIS is what PHYSIQUES GYM is all about. THIS is your time. THIS is where YOU get started!

Cara Barnes | Personal Trainer
Cara Barnes
Physiques gym Personal Trainer and wellness coach

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