What To Wear To The Gym

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Proper Gym Attire

Let’s focus for a moment not on the latest fashions but rather on clothes that don’t sabotage your workout. Wearing the wrong clothes can limit your ability to function and move, or even make you susceptible to injury. Proper gym attire will enhance and maybe even improve the effectiveness of your workout!

Cotton T-Shirts

I get it, that old worn and stretched out shirt may be comfortable to lounge in but it could be the wrong thing to wear to the gym.  During exercise, you are going to sweat, some more than others, but we all do it. Sweating is an essential body function that helps us stay cool and maintain a safe body temperature.

Cotton absorbs sweat but doesn’t release it quickly, making your favorite t-shirt more like a wet draping heavy garment, hanging against your skin. Not only can this be quite uncomfortable but it can cause skin irritation.

There are many fabric options to choose from; you want a material that will pull the moisture away from your body and will dry quick.

Bulky sweatshirts and sweatpants

The 2 weeks of winter in Phoenix can be brutal, so its necessary to dress warm to protect you from the elements, but once you are in the gym, its time to drop the baggage. These clothes add unnecessary bulk that can get in your way. Not to mention the baggy  clothes hide your body, and while I get this may be the point for some, more streamlined clothing will allow you, your trainer or coaches to check and monitor your form.


Your shoes are as important to your performance as the tread on your tires is to your driving. Worn out soles, deteriorating arches and improper fit can negatively impact your posture thus negatively effecting your workout and potentially leading to injury. As your shoes become worn, they wear unevenly depending on your gait and stance. Over time, your feet may not be flat to the floor any longer and your body has to compensate for the unevenness, making your posture off kilter. When lifting weights, this slight adjust can be just enough to cause injury.

Gym Shoes

You want a shoe that is comfortable and fits well; it should be snug but not too tight. Most activities and sports have shoes specifically designed for optimal performance.  A running shoe may not be the best idea for weight lifting, nor would a pair of basketball shoes be good for running track. Find a shoe that is recommended for your sport, and when in doubt, ask a specialist to assist.

The life of a shoe for an active person is approximately 3 months. If you extend the wear past that time, the shoe may be worn and could be effecting your form, posture and performance.

A tip to get the most out of your athletic shoes and keep them tip top shape for as long as possible, DO NOT WEAR YOUR GYM SHOES OUTSIDE OF THE GYM!  The reason is two fold, wearing your shoes daily as you go about your normal activities will wear the tread faster and it also increases the chance that you will track gunk into the gym.

Bling and Hardware

To be candid, there isn’t any reason to accessorize for exercise. Any wearable item that hangs, swings, or sticks out simply should not be worn in the gym. Jewelry can easily get caught or banged on equipment, interfering with your workout and even potentially damaging the jewelry. Play it safe,leave these items at home.

Personal Hygiene and Care

We wish this went without saying, but truth is it needs to be said….please practice proper hygiene and wear deodorant to the gym. As your body heats up and starts to sweat, deodorant will work to kill or reduce the bacteria  in your armpits preventing a smelly reaction.

Lets talk lotion…..

Greasy lotions and creams will help keep your skin soft and subtle, but they have no place in the gym. As you sweat the creams become slippery, making it hard to hold onto equipment. Plus, you may leave behind a slippery film making it difficult for the person behind you to properly grip the equipment.

What To Wear To The Gym

Ultimately the goal is to wear clothing that doesn’t limit or hinder your movement. Proper gym attire allows you to be comfortable, be confident and to go rock your work out!

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