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Meal Planning: Part 1 – Series for Getting Results!

Meal Planning – Part One:  Start with your WHY Meal planning is one of the most important things you can do to set yourself up for success. It would be hard to find a coach, trainer, or nutritionist who would tell you that proper nutrition not important.  Whether you are focused on athletic performance, losing …

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Sky Kinsman training to build bigger legs

How to Build Bigger Legs

Bodybuilding to build Bigger Legs There is more to bodybuilding than building muscle. To create the ideal physique, you should be symmetrical, top to bottom, front to back, left to right.  To build legs that are bigger and have more depth, you must focus on complete development. In this video, celebrity trainer, Craig Tinnelle and women’s …

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Build Bigger Calves

How To Build Bigger Calves Bodybuilding is the art of building your body, top to bottom and front to back. The calves are no exception. To properly develop your calves and build bigger calves, they must be developed front to back. Tibialis anterior  is the muscle that runs along the shin. A fully developed tibialis anterior completes …

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What Does It Mean To Be Bodybuilder? | Physiques Gym

Competitive Bodybuilder Many people are intimated by the term, bodybuilder, as they immediately think  of a very muscular man that poses and flexes on stage. This is a competitive bodybuilder. A competitive bodybuilder can be a man or woman. They work very hard to build an aesthetically pleasing body that is also symmetrical from top …

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