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    Understanding the Overload Principle in Bodybuilding

    October 3rd, 2023
    If you’re a regular at the gym, then you’ve most likely heard of the term ‘overload principle’. But what exactly is it, and what does it mean for your workout routine? In simple terms, the overload principle refers to gradually increasing the…

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    An In-Depth Look at Weight Training Techniques: Volume vs. Heavy Weight

    September 28th, 2023
    When it comes to achieving your fitness goals, weight training is an essential component of any exercise routine. Not only does it help build muscle mass, but it also boosts metabolism and strengthens bones. However, deciding on the right weight…

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    Can Resistance Bands Work for Hypertrophy?

    September 22nd, 2023
    When it comes to strength training, there are many tools that can be used to achieve your goals. From dumbbells to barbells, kettlebells to resistance machines, there are many different options to choose from. One popular tool that you may have come…

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    The Best Time To Do Cardio

    October 19th, 2022
    The Importance of Cardio and the Best Time to Do It Everyone knows that cardio is important for overall health, but many people don’t know when the best time to do cardio is. The answer may surprise you – there’s no one “best” time, but…

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    How To Find the Best Personal Trainer for You

    July 11th, 2022
    How to find the best personal trainer for your fitness goals So you’re ready to transform your physique and looking to hire a professional to help you get in shape. That’s great – but it can be tough to figure out which personal trainer is…

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    How to Find The Best Personal Trainer

    May 16th, 2021
    Having the right personal trainer can make all the difference. These tips will help you find the best trainer for you.   What is your goal? The first step is identifying your health and fitness goals. Whether your goal is weight loss, to…

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    Learn From A Competitor

    February 7th, 2017
    A competitor is a state of mindNot everyone who workouts out is a bodybuilding or physique competitor, and quite frankly not everyone should be. But, you can learn a thing or two about focus and determination from a competitor.Goal – set it and go…

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    Hydration – Drink Your Water

    October 27th, 2016
    Hydration – Drink Your WaterHydration is key! It’s an obvious fact that water is a necessary for us to drink, especially when living in the desert in the Valley of the Sun. With two-thirds of our bodies made up of water, it makes logical sense…

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    September 16th, 2016
    Craig Tinnelle and the Physiques Gym team have changed numerous lives by helping people reach and maintain their weight loss and fitness goals. One of our most exceptional stories is from online client, Barbara Dodge of Carelton Place,…

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    Physiques Gym – training

    September 1st, 2016
    What is Personal Training? If we could put a definition to what personal training is, we could certainly define it as: the process of bringing a person to an agreed standard of proficiency by practice and instruction. So what exactly does that…

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