Best Personal Training Gym in Phoenix, AZ

Create Value For Your Health

By Physiques Gym, Jun 24 2015 05:00PM Ask yourself, “What is the value of your health?” As you look to the future, how do you see yourself? Is the future you strong and healthy? Does the future you look fabulous in that little black dress? Does the future you take

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How Weight Training Improves A Runner’s Body

When you think about a runner, what comes to mind? An athlete who runs, right? That their training regimen is quite simple and straightforward – they run and only run! WRONG! To build a runner’s body to optimum condition, they need to add more to their training regimen than just

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Best Personal Training Gym in Phoenix, Arizona

Yoga and Weight Training

Yoga and Weight Training Most people who practice the art of yoga don’t participate in any other areas of fitness. Not to stereotype, however, the image that comes to most peoples mind when thinking about a yoga participant, they envision a lean female with some muscularity but not a lot.

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