Best Personal Training Gym in Phoenix, AZ

What is your WHY?

If I asked you: What is your WHY? could you answer me? So many times people will begin an exercise program with a purpose in mind, but over time, that purpose may fade and the goals they have originally set disappear in their minds. As life rolls along, we easily get stuck in the day …

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Best Personal Training Gym in Phoenix, AZ

Group Personal Training

You may drive by workout gyms all throughout the Valley, but there’s nothing that compares to Physiques Gym. What we offer separates us from every other gym around. Located at 2716 E. Bell Road in Phoenix, Physiques Gym is a private gym which offers private training, personal training and GROUP personal training – a unique …

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Best Personal Training Gym in Phoenix, AZ

Anaerobic vs Aerobic

Anaerobic and aerobic. Most of us have heard these terms, but not everyone understands the difference. One thing is for certain, while you may not understand the difference in their meaning, you can usually distinguish the difference between the 2 types of workouts. To put it simply, anaerobic exercise is physical exertion in short bursts …

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