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    Craig Tinnelle and the Physiques Gym team have changed numerous lives by helping people reach and maintain their weight loss and fitness goals. One of our most exceptional stories is from online client, Barbara Dodge of Carelton Place,...

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    Physiques Gym – training

    What is Personal Training? If we could put a definition to what personal training is, we could certainly define it as: the process of bringing a person to an agreed standard of proficiency by practice and instruction. So what exactly does that...

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    Personal Trainer vs. Fitness Instructor vs. Coach

    Personal Trainer vs. Fitness Instructor vs. CoachThe words a gym often uses in describing their staff – personal trainers, fitness instructors or coaches – tend to be general and interchangeable. However, the meanings of these words are very...

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    What Is Your WHY? | Physiques Gym

    If I asked you: What is your WHY? could you answer me? So many times people will begin an exercise program with a purpose in mind, but over time, that purpose may fade and the goals they have originally set disappear in their minds. A common...

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    Benefits of a Personal Trainer

    Let's start with the definition of a personal trainer to help you understand the benefits of having a personal trainer. WHAT IS A PERSONAL TRAINER? Personal trainer is an individual that has the skill set, experience and knowledge to design a...

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    What Does It Mean To Be Bodybuilder? | Physiques Gym

    Competitive Bodybuilder Many people are intimated by the term, bodybuilder, as they immediately think  of a very muscular man that poses and flexes on stage. This is a competitive bodybuilder. A competitive bodybuilder can be a man or woman. They...

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    What To Wear To The Gym

    Proper Gym Attire Let’s focus for a moment not on the latest fashions but rather on clothes that don't sabotage your workout. Wearing the wrong clothes can limit your ability to function and move, or even make you susceptible to injury. Proper...

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    Anaerobic vs Aerobic

    Anaerobic and aerobic. Most of us have heard these terms, but not everyone understands the difference. One thing is for certain, while you may not understand the difference in their meaning, you can usually distinguish the difference between the 2...

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    Create Value For Your Health

    Ask yourself, “What is the value of your health?” As you look to the future, how do you see yourself? Is the future you strong and healthy? Does the future you look fabulous in that little black dress? Does the future you take trips with the...

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    How Weight Training Improves A Runner’s Body

    When you think about a runner, what comes to mind? An athlete who runs, right? That their training regimen is quite simple and straightforward – they run and only run! WRONG! To build a runner’s body to optimum condition, they need to add more...

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    Yoga and Weight Training

    Most people who practice the art of yoga don’t participate in any other areas of fitness. Not to stereotype, however, the image that comes to most peoples mind when thinking about a yoga participant, they envision a lean female with some...

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